"Beyond Third Spring" are brothers Claude and Michel Winterberg. In 1997 they began to compose psy-trance music together.
Their psy-trance is spherical fullon with floating melodies, fantasy music made to space-of and dance up. "Beyond Third Spring" further incorporate traditional instrument like didgeridoo (M. Winterberg).

During the last couple of years, "Beyond Third Spring" have played at parties all around the world. They played at the Black Moon, the Half and Full Moon Parties in Thailand, they were the first psy-trance live-act ever to perform in Ko Pha Ngan.
But they also played at:
Morocco: Camp Desertview 2
(New Year's eve)
Austria: Sonnenklang-Festival, Vulcanic Dimensions, Psychedelic Visions
Belgium: One Spiritcrew
Germany: Psycult
Rumania: Rock La Mures
Switzerland: Kokopelli, Woodroom, Happy People Production, Chakradelic, Dance Music Tribe...

A numbers of various releases on maxi vinyls, compilation CD's and albums document these travels and performances.

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Pictures by Milliways, Suzi and Michel